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Ship to shore
Actually it looks like this, but in reality the ship is sailing in the fairway of the the mouth of River Elbe in about one […]
Spot on
Of course this was edited and intentionally put into a dark mode, but still there was this spot of sunlight directly illuminating only those flowers. […]
Photos taken with Nikon Nikkor 2/35mm AI-s and Sony Alpha 7R Mark III
It seems to be weed, but it’s pleasing me
Photo taken with Carl Zeiss T* Sonnar 2,8/135mm Contax and Sony Alpha 7R Mark III at F4, 1/640 and ISO 100
Spring time, flower time – Tulips in full blossom
Actually those tulips are almost magenta. with desaturation and color shifting i turned this photograph more into directing of a color pattern that is more […]
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