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Simon Bolz Photography

Regularly Interviews with Photographers and Models, Inspiration, Behind the Scenes and Hands on gear testing.


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Calendar 2022
Every year starting in August, I get regular emails from people asking about my new calendar. Dont worry, I havent forgotten about it and of course I have produced another ...
I must be daring
I often think about my own work. In doing so, I realize that Im too good, that I repeat myself too much and that I dont really produce enough new things. Its not that easy to ...
Corona: 18 months later
I would like to give you a little update on how I am doing during the pandemic and what has changed for me in the past 18 months. At the end of last year I was still very ...
Who needs drugs?
Even though I am a nude photographer I get inspired by many things around me. Theres architecture, nature and of course, also fashion. I love to watch runway shows, okay, not on a ...
Cinematic Haze and Diffusion
If I were to name a trend in photography, it would be the use of diffusion filters. People just prefer photos that show humans a little softer. And so I decided to have different ...
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