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Simon Bolz Photography

Regularly Interviews with Photographers and Models, Inspiration, Behind the Scenes and Hands on gear testing.


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Color grading with gradient maps
When it comes to color grading, there are thousands of techniques. You cant say one method is better than the other. And none of them works universal for all images. Probably like ...
Where the sun shines
In photography its all about light. The quality and quantity of light, soft and harsh light. But one of the most important aspects is the direction of light. Its always good to ...
Sony A7RII review
After owning a Sony Alpha 7R2 for more than one year now, I decided to share my experiences with this mirrorless camera. A lot of blog posts you find are written by techno ...
Edelkrone Wing 3
When Edelkrone announced a new slider called Wing, many photo enthusiasts complained that it was too pricey and not motorized. Somehow, I instantly fell in love with the idea of a ...
Inverted High Pass Retouching Technique
From all retouching techniques for skin, I like the so-called inverted high pass method the most. It looks very natural and the process is being used by professionals around the ...
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