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Kat-Fitz Street Photography

A mixture of all the single pictures of my book.


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Helen, Nottingham boats club There is something to her look, to her posture that is mysterious to me. I am thankful that Helen shared this moment with me. Katharina Fitz ...
People from Nottingham
Katharina Fitz Tags: Facebook TweetThis ...
Nottingham People
I arrived about 4 month ago in Nottingham, … a completely unknown place. A few weeks ago I started taking photos with my analogue camera to start taking photos of the city ...
Trapped By The Light
Playing around with some sounds! Tags: ...
childhood memories
Picture taken on the former airport field in Tempelhof, Berlin. Childhood memories 100x80cm Hahnemühle FineArt Paper 6 Edition 2015 Tags:  Art, art photography, ...
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