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Writing With My Hands

I am planning to publish a few chapters of a story I am writing without any planning. I hope you will enjoy these chapters and I would be grateful for any form of feedback. This is something I have planned for ages now and as I am writing on it right now, it feels like the plot starts to flourish. I hope you will enjoy the chapters as I was enjoying writing them.


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Lunatics Lullaby
The fishiness of her eyes helped me stumble upon a fishnet to prevent any form of human fear. But I am too small and fall through naked on the sidelines. There is no help for ...
Ich verstehe es nicht. Ich mein, dass man nicht mehr mit mir leben kann, weil ich so traurig bin, das leuchtet ein. Ich war schon immer immer traurig, deshalb auch eher allein. ...
BoldThe sign was boldYellow and glowingShiny but brokenI am looking insideInspecting the crackA ghost to mostA fracture so tinyBut I see youClearly.
How often did I deform for a night to stayIn your crowded cemeteryReshaped and keptAs a hostage to fill inAnd redo a bodyReincarnateHow did you survive so long and usedBy ...
To a sour lemon
I had picked a sour lemon in the market, And carried it in my pocket for days.The peculiar scent, vigorous but set,Must have followed me all day.Once I walked into a field of ...
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