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New Year, New fabrics
[Werbung/Advertisement]I know Ive been missing in action for weeks on end, but I didnt want to miss the opportunity to check in and wish my readers a happy and healthy New ...
New fabrics coming to the shop soon!
[Werbung/Advertisment]Hello everyone on this grey September day.It is noticeably cooler and the light is fading fast these days. Soon the leaves will turn yellow, then brown and ...
Mixed Media Art Experiments
[Werbung/Advertisement]Hi Blog Friends!the summer holidays have started and things are a bit slower than usual. As mentioned in my previous post, Id been in a bit of a creative ...
Garden Days
Hello lovelies,I finally made it to one of my favorite show gardens! I have been visiting those in my area for years and it is something that I look forward to each summer. ...
A little bit of this and that
[Werbung/Advertisement]Hello friends!oops, I did it again - that is, not blog for weeks on end. At this point Im probably writing into the void, bar for the handful of ...
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