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Hello (again) Etsy! Life lately and Christmas Special
[Werbung/Anzeige/Advertisement] Hello lovelies! Im coming up for air after three intense weeks of technical issues with my online shop. You know how my online shop is my ...
Sew an Advent calendar
[Werbung/Anzeige/Advertisement] Hello everybody! for the longest time this fabric Advent calendar was on my sewing to-do-list! I finally got around to completed it in ...
Guest Room Fabric & Easy DIY Idea
[Werbung/Anzeige/Advertisement] Hello everyone! I recently received this sweet floral fabric collection from Canadian designer Kristyne Czepuryk called "Guest Room" ...
Dawanda - Dohero - Life lately!
[Werbung / Anzeige / Advertisement] *Im required to add this by law Hello everyone, excuse me while I brush off all the dust from my very, very neglected blog. Its been ...
Goodbye Dawanda
So, this past weekend I received news from Europes biggest online selling venue "Dawanda" that they will be permanently closing on 30th August 2018. As my regular readers know ...
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