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OCR - Obstacle Course Race - The Best You Can Do! Let me convince you and put the fever on


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MudMasters Amsterdam, 2021
I’m so unbelievably happy! We are back! OCR is back! We had to travel in to a neighbor country, and we had some (self-made) trouble before. But at the entrance of the event ...
Mittsommerlauf 2021
One year after the “I hope it’s the last virtual run” - run we are yet in the pandemic and the midsummer run celebrated a sad anniversary. Let’s hope once again, that this will ...
Biermeile 2021, Bochum
Slowly, very slowly, we can go back to normal Events. We all hope it will be fast and we are happy that the first OCRs has been announced for september. Last sunday my running ...
It’s like hell on earth!
I’m sick of Corona and this weather! I - we all want to get our lives back! In the meantime, even a run does not help to get some relax!
I need a good OCR....
 I need a good OCR and I wish this pandemic ended better today than tomorrow.
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