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Phishing attack simulation in Exchange online – Part three
Prolog At this point I am happy to present the third part of my series “Phishing attack simulation”. In this article we will focus on Brute force Password (Dictionary) ...
Phishing attack simulation in Exchange online – Part two
Prolog In my last article about this topic I have described how you can perform simulated phishing attacks on your own infrastructure. This is all about raising the awareness ...
Thank you
In this article I have decided not to write a technical contribution. Here you can see a video of me thanking you for all your support in 2019. I look back a little bit what ...
Phishing attack simulation in Exchange online – Part one
Prolog One of the biggest dangers in the industry for IT professionals is attacks on their own company network. There are different types of attacks. As I have described in a ...
PowerShell Commands to export Exchange 2010 mailbox to PST
In Exchange 2010 we have the facility to export to PST directly from the Exchange server without further interventions unlike its predecessor where in Exchange 2007 you needed ...
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