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Microsoft Ignite Splitter – Day four
Day four at the Microsoft Ignite 2019. If you ever was wondering what equipment Attendees are carrying on during the day, here a short view about it. I always have a Backpack ...
Microsoft Ignite Splitter – Day three
Day three at the Microsoft Ignite 2019, it is unbelievable how fast the time flies. It is halftime again and my day started with a premiere for me. Greg Taylor, Director of ...
Microsoft Ignite Splitter – Day two
Second day at Ignite started very early for me, this year I didn’t travel alone from switzerland to U.S. My wife came up with me for few days. Today she has continued ...
Microsoft Ignite Splitter – Day one
Here we are, Microsoft Ignite 2019 has finally started. Yesterday on Sunday I was the whole day on a MVP pre-workshop, so I knew that there will be some cool announcements ...
Customize the Office 365 encryption Message
Microsoft Office 365 allows us in a very easy way to encrypt messages to our recipients. To be able to use Message encryption we need to have either an Office 365 Enterprise ...
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