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GlobeVisuals Travel the World

Blog about traveling the world from Ksenia Semenova. You find many awesome trip suggestions and routes especially for 2-4 day-journeys all around the globe. Formalities like visa and standard costs at the destination are listed as well, so you can be inspired by Ksenia for your next adventure without the risk of unwanted surprises. Enjoy these honestly by-heart-written traveling notes in combination with beautiful pictures of the countries and cultures. See You at


Aktuelle Posts

Central Mexico: 5 Days in Paradise – Exploring Puerto Escondido
Embarking on a five-day adventure from Mexico City to the coastal paradise of Puerto Escondido promised sun, beach, and relaxation (naive parents, hah). Here’s how we made the ...
Exploring Mexico’s Cultural Heart: Xalapa, Puebla and Tepoztlán
Our road trip from the coastal paradise of Chachalacas to the bustling metropolis of Mexico City took us on an unforgettable journey through three of Mexico’s cultural gems: ...
All the way up from CDMX: Teotihuacan, El Tajin und Chachalacas
Teothiuacan and its surroundings Teotihuacan, the ancient city just outside Mexico City, is a place of mystery and wonder. From its towering pyramids to its intricate carvings ...
A trip through Central Mexico in spring 2024: CDMX
Introduction Hold onto your hats, amigos! As we sit back to reminisce on our family escapade to Mexico, we can’t help but chuckle at the whirlwind of adventures we survived. ...
Mexico trip in January 2022: part 2
Merida When we were there, Merida became my favorite city of the trip. A lot was going on there: life music, artesanal and craft shops and street sellers, street food, ...
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