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GlobeVisuals Travel the World

Blog about traveling the world from Ksenia Semenova. You find many awesome trip suggestions and routes especially for 2-4 day-journeys all around the globe. Formalities like visa and standard costs at the destination are listed as well, so you can be inspired by Ksenia for your next adventure without the risk of unwanted surprises. Enjoy these honestly by-heart-written traveling notes in combination with beautiful pictures of the countries and cultures. See You at


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24 hours to explore Kyoto
On Friday, after work, I decided to go to Kyoto, the former capital of Japan and probably the most attractive city for the tourists in the whole country. As I had ...
Tokyo: making the best out of one-week business trip
I was lucky to have a business trip to such a faraway and unique country as Japan. Of course, every country is unique in its own was, but for whatever reasons Japan ...
A weekend trip to Stockholm
…or STHLM, you will see this abbreviation frequently on the advertisement posters in the metro or buses. We were lucky to visit Stockholm in golden autumn. The second ...
Iceland: before you go
When you are planning your Iceland trip, your first concern probably would be the costs as Iceland considered a very expensive country. Indeed, even a short vacation ...
Girls trip to Iceland. Day five: Vík and Blue Lagoon
The last day of this trip was the hard-driving day: we spent more than 4 hours on the road and drove 300 km. Vík í MýrdalOne of my big wishes in Iceland was to see ...
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