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arcanum. urban exploration.

Fotos von verlassenen und verfallenen Gebäuden.


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Tour Report: Soviet Airfield "Hypericum"
During our summer vacation in 2018, we had planned a day of touring together with our dear friend Torsten from North Urbex. Due to the distance (he lives about 250 kilometers ...
Tour Report: Railway Repair Factory H. [Revisit]
Wed had our first "encounter" with this abandoned factory in summer of 2015, when we had it on our list of possible explorations. At that time, however, we could see that the ...
Tour Report: Porcelain Factory "Souvenir"
As Ive said - we had two abandoned porcelain factories on our list for that day. After wed finished exploring the first one, we grabbed a quick snack before getting on the way to ...
Tour Report: Porcelain Factory S.
This was the first abandoned porcelain factory that we ever explored. It was the fifth day of our summer vacation 2018, and we had decided to check out two abandoned porcelain ...
Tour Report: Sanatorium "Grand Duchess"
After wed explored the abandoned recreation home that wed found by accident, we moved on to the location that wed originally planned - an abandoned sanatorium. Built more than 120 ...
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