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arcanum. urban exploration.

Fotos von verlassenen und verfallenen Gebäuden.


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Operation "Easter Basket" - Maison Nutcracker
After going for a quick visit of the abandoned technical museum, we only had one location left to visit before finally heading home. Its been generally called the Nutcracker House ...
Operation "Easter Basket" - Technical Museum B. [Revisit]
After we had dropped off Elmar from Lichtbeschatter at the train station, we went on the way home ourselves - but not without stopping at one or two spots on the way.The first ...
Operation "Easter Basket" - Drop Forge G.
After leaving the university much earlier than we had originally planned, we still had some time before dropping off Lichtbeschatter at the train station, and we decided to go and ...
Operation "Easter Basket" - University E.
On the way back from the Trauma Clinic, we made a short stop at an abandoned British military base in the area, because Freddy and Elmar hadnt been there yet.We quickly checked ...
Operation "Easter Basket" - Trauma Clinic O.
From the abandoned foundry, we drove further East. We had gotten a tip regarding an abandoned hospital which supposedly still had some nice interior in it.The photos I had seen ...
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