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arcanum. urban exploration.

Fotos von verlassenen und verfallenen Gebäuden.


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Tour Report: Command Post W43 [Revisit]
A little more than two months after my wife and I had discovered the abandoned command bunker in the woods, we returned to this place.We were a crew of four explorers, and only my ...
Tour Report: VLF Communications Bunker
The abandoned Nuclear Weapons Depot had been a really great start for our New Years Tour last year. The weather was perfect, and we had one more open-air location planned before ...
Tour Report: U.S. Nuclear Weapons Depot D.
Two weeks into the year 2018, it was time for our first tour of the year. The day before, my mother had spontaneously decided to join us, which totally made sense, because we were ...
Tour Report: Old Wine Inn [Revisit]
For New Years Eve 2017, we got a visit from my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. Since New Years Eve that year was on a Sunday, the two arrived on Friday to be able to go on a ...
Tour Report: The Farm of Cars [Revisit]
Exactly one year after our first exploration of the "Farm of Cars", we returned for a revisit. Wed already spent most of our time at the abandoned childrens home, and we didnt ...
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