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arcanum. urban exploration.

Fotos von verlassenen und verfallenen Gebäuden.


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Tour Report: A Few Cars by the Road
It actually happens pretty often: Youre on your way from one location to the next, or youre already on your way home - and then you look out of the car window, and you spot ...
Tour Report: The Farm of Seven Tractors
During our short tour to Denmark in October of 2018, we also visited an abandoned farm. I had gotten a tip regarding this place, and upon hearing that the barn was hiding some ...
Tour Report: Mink Farm "Mercedes"
In late October 2018, I embarked on a short tour through Denmark together with my good friend Tonne from Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland. It was our first visit to ...
Tour Report: Asylum for the Insane
After exploring two Cold War bunkers on that beautiful day back in September 2018, we decided to finish the day off with an above-ground location - a pretty well-known spot that ...
Tour Report: Bunker "The Defensive Command"
As Ive said in my last post, there was another bunker to be explored together with our friend Toeppi in September 2018. This second bunker complex was the rear command post of the ...
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