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arcanum. urban exploration.

Fotos von verlassenen und verfallenen Gebäuden.


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Tour Report: The House of the Old Couple
The weather was still grey and it looked like rain, when we left the first location. I had gotten a tip from a local regarding the second spot, so naturally, we had to check it ...
Tour Report: The House of the Evil Man
It was a cold and grey Sunday morning in January of 2017, when our infamous crew consisting of Pixelcracker, Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland and myself drove North ...
Tour Report: Paint Factory R.
It was the final spot of our first tour of 2017 together with our dear friend Nordgriller Urbex. And it was one of those locations where you really had no choice but to park right ...
Tour Report: Childrens Home R.
We left our "Urbex Hotel" in Eastern Germany Sunday morning after a hearty breakfast. It was relatively early as we had two more locations planned for the day, and we had a bit of ...
Tour Report: Hotel N.
While reasearching for the tour we started with the exploration of the abandoned recreation home, I had found some large buildings that looked abandoned and interesting, but I ...
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