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arcanum. urban exploration.

Fotos von verlassenen und verfallenen Gebäuden.


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Tour Report: Sanatorium J. [Revisit]
The old sanatorium had been our "home location" for years, and it also became the final location on my birthday tour in 2018.My parents had decided to join us for the birthday ...
Tour Report: Sanatorium "High Pines" [Revisit]
In terms of decay, this is one of my favorite locations to explore, so it seemed logical to pay another visit to this beautiful place on my birthday tour in 2018. Our friends ...
Tour Report: Hotel "Porphyrite" [Revisit]
Over the past couple of years, it became a tradition for us to celebrate my birthday by exploring a few abandoned places. On my birthday in May 2018, we were accompanied for this ...
Tour Report: Villa "Roadside"
Since late 2013, I had tried to find a way into this abandoned villa at least once or twice a year - yet everytime I was there, there was no access, and we had to go home or drive ...
Tour Report: Hotel "Borderline"
Late in March of 2018, we undertook a short tour to Eastern Germany together with our friend Pixelcracker. It was a very spontaneous excursion, so there wasnt a lot of time for ...
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