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arcanum. urban exploration.

Fotos von verlassenen und verfallenen Gebäuden.


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Tour Report: Hotel "Teddybear" [Revisit]
Six weeks between two explorations can feel like an eternity, but somehow nothing came up in the time before our summer vacation in 2018, so we were really looking forward to ...
Tour Report: Cable Factory K. [Revisit]
On the second day of our spontaneous tour in June of 2018, we took it a little slower than the day before and explored only one location. It was really hot outside, so we didnt ...
Tour Report: Villa "Lakeside"
We had saved the most spectacular spot for last on our tour with our friend Toeppi in June of 2018. We had seen two really cool bunkers, a doctors villa that was more a dump than ...
Tour Report: Doctors Villa "Sparrow"
 After exploring two underground air-raid shelters from World War II, we decided to explore something above ground and enjoy the weather. We decided to check out the premises ...
Tour Report: Air Raid Shelter below Berlin (II)
A bird never flew on one wing. That was our thought as we exited the first air-raid shelter that our friend Toeppi had organized for us to visit. So we got on the way to fill this ...
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