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Dieser Blog soll alles rund um GNU (Linux) enthalten, was wir so machen.Wir setzen Gentoo auf unseren Systemen ein und möchten euch unsere Lösungen und Tutorials hier zur Verfügung stellen.

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Improved modular Linux kernel for the Gemini PDA
The linux kernel binary I have shared in the article Modular Linux kernel for the Gemini PDA turned out to lack some important features, like not supporting the ethernet port of ...
Micro SD card performance with the Gemini PDA
Recently, when writing the article Some first tests with the Gemini PDA, I have noticed the ridiculous slow micro SD card I/O performance with Android. Because of this, later on, ...
Modular Linux kernel for the Gemini PDA
For the Debian Technology Preview image for the Gemini PDA a monolithic kernel has been used. In order to get as many peripherals as possible working a modular kernel is ...
Some first tests with the Gemini PDA
Last week my Gemini PDA has arrived. There have been some problems with devices from the first batch especially regarding the keyboard and the device not containing the X27 SoC ...
Unboxing of the Gemini PDA
What is going on here? An unboxing article on Well, this is the exception, since the Gemini is an exceptional device like Nokias N900 has been before and in the future ...
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