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The Cat Edition

Tired of outdated and uninspiring cat communities, we crafted The Cat Edition to be a stylish, interactive, and informative take on cat communities with entertaining content, expert advice, and practical tips. Join our community of passionate cat lovers as we celebrate the unique charm of our whiskered friends and strive to improve their lives.


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What do you know about the skin of your cat?
The structure of feline skin Ever wondered what makes your cutie so fluffy? It’s not just the fur, but the skin of a cat has much to do with it as well. Let’s break down layer ...
Everything about the fur of your cat
Understanding cat fur Cats’ coats are more than just pretty decorations – they serve important functions and are made up of different types of hair, each with its own role to ...
Anatomy of cat whiskers and vibrissae
These cute long hairs in your cat’s face aren’t merely decorative; they’re specialized sensory tools known scientifically as vibrissae, derived from the Latin word vibrare. The ...
The anatomy of cat eyes
Unlike our relatively straightforward human eyes, cat eyes are marvels of evolutionary design, allowing them to see in near-darkness. To understand how they work, it’s helpful to ...
How cat food is made – wet cat food
Cat food comes in various forms, and the manufacturing process itself contributes significantly to the quality of the food. The consistency primarily varies between ragout, chunks ...
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