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My Thoughts in Words

Es handelt sich um einen Blog in dem ich meine Gedanken teile.


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A little Time off
I havent really posted anything in the last few months.  That was because I had a lot to do privately and really couldnt deal with writing something constructive.  ...
The neuroscience of natureA study in Japan found out that a walk in the forest can significantly reduce stress levels more effectively than a walk in the city. This is ...
Dream House
I think a lot about what kind of house I would like to live in.I really like lofts, the only huge room where you just feel tiny and where everything is located in, the living ...
What would you do?
Sometimes I play the lottery and think about what I would do if I win. If I would win 1 Million Euro, I would buy a House and a nice Car. I would work anyway buta ...
I think everyone has a dream. The only thing that is annoying me, is the definition of dream which is: an unrealistic or self-deluding fantasy. But I think the most of our dreams ...
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