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Schon als Kind habe ich davon geträumt Künstlerin zu sein, jetzt möchte ich diesen Traum umsetzten. Ihr könnte auf meinem Blog meine Entwicklung als Künstlerin miterleben und auch gerne meine Werke kommentieren, kritisieren und mir ein paar Tips geben. Ich freue mich schon auf spannende Diskussionen und gute Anregungen für meine weiteren Werke :)


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Japanese Landscape
I was looking for landscape picures and found this one. I`m a big fan of Japanese culture and I love nature so this picture inspiered me. I made an acrilc painting. The brighter ...
Two girls on a poppyfield
This painting shows two girls (technically me and my little sister) in a poppyfield. When I was about 8 years old we moved to another house. Before my parents created a ...
Playing with watercolor pencils
Watercolor-paintings are so beautiful :) There are many different techniques and different material you can use, for this picture I used watercolor pencils from Faber Castell. For ...
Nude drawing
Every artist should be able to draw nude drawings. However its really hard to get the proportions right, the human body is such a complex thing... you could spend much time ...
Eyes with watercolors
This picture is drawn with watercolors. It was my intent that the reflections arent white when the eyes are overlapping, like you can see in the lower left, however, now I think ...
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