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Dead Lord @ Turock GER / 10. may 18
Dead Lord from Sweden – pure  Hard n Heavy RocknRoll; formed 2012; inspired by Thin Lizzy / UFO / Maiden; released 3 albums: last one from 2017 IN IGNORANCE WE TRUST; played ...
Freedom Hawk @ secret show GER /01. may 18
Freedom Hawk –  Heavy Stoner Rock Band from Virginia area / USA – soulful guitar playing (Matt Cave & TR Morton), rolling bass grooves (Mark Cave), powerful drums ...
Daily Thompson @ The Tube Dusseldorf / 30. april 18
Daily Thompson from Dortmund GER – mix of stoner fuzz desert blues noise rock; founded 2013; Mephi : best female bass player I ve ever seen !The other 2 band members are ...
Lionize @ Rare Guitar / 27. april 2018
Lionize (USA) – formed in 2004; the roots of this band based in Hard Rock / Metal, but you can find some elements of Funk, Reggae and Stoner…supported by a hammond ...
Planet of Zeus @ Rare Guitar / 27. april 18
Planet of Zeus from Athens / Greece – Stoner Heavy Rock formed in 2000 ; 2008: Debut album „eleven the hard way“ –  Bruce Dickinson / Iron Maiden was ...
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