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Digging Met(AL)aphor

Heavy metal lyrics through the lenses of conceptual metaphor.


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The Crucible of Metal God
Halford “Crucible” (Remixed & remastered) was re-released in 2010 through Metal God Records. I point out from the beginning that the article is about the reissued edition. To ...
“Ranch Hand” on metal frontlines
Sodom. “Agent Orange”. 1989. Steamhammer. Bundesrepublik Deutschland. It seems there is just nothing left to add as so much praise has been dedicated to this piece of art. I also ...
Not that ominous
A review of “Ominous” (2010) by The Wretched End (Norway) I feel it is definitely not a wise thing to mention “Emperor” in a review of any Samoth (Tomas Haugen) or ...
Meine Seele wurde gebrochen (epitome of minimalism)
Review of “Das Seelenbrechen” by Ihsahn (2013) “Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.” Sigmund Freud And let it be so. I love Ihsahn. I respect ...
The analysis of conceptual metaphors in “Hades” by Bathory
In Memoriam: Thomas Forsberg (1966-2004). Hello dear reader! Missed me? As promised in 2016, I keep Digging Met(al)aphor up and running, making random appearances here and now. ...
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