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Lithops Stories

A blog about lithops plants in cultivation


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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year everybody!! I have just looked at my resolutions for 2017 and, weeeell, I could say I pulled some things through (its a stretch). I went down 7 kilos last year ...
Other developments (12 pics)
There are other things I noticed on the windowsill recently.For example, I was very surprised to find a seed pod on my Argyroderma crateriforme. The plant flowered out of two ...
Random winterly observations (7 pics)
My windowsill is so depressing in winter.I mean it. Forget the conophytums - even winter-growers look weak and sad, as if they had given up and decided to go back to sleep right ...
Focusing on the positive (8 pics)
Its been a while. Im still here, just trying to sort some things out in my life and get a clearer view on it. Its not easy.What else is not easy? Growing plants bug-free and ...
Other news (8 pics)
So what else was going on on my windowsill in August?Well, the most amazing and surprising thing was the awakening of Monilaria scutata seedlings! I couldnt believe they are alive ...
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