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Lithops Stories

A blog about lithops plants in cultivation


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Check out my Twitter Account
Hi guys,You might have noticed that I dont post all that much here. Ill still be posting in the future but in the meanwhile, please feel free to browse my Twitter account (you ...
Adromischus trouble-shooting (23 pics)
In general, Adromischus are not difficult to grow on the windowsill. Good light is beneficial but some types enjoy a shadier spot. I have a big and beautiful Adromischus cristatus ...
Transplanting Adromischus (7 pics)
The longer I grow Adromischus the more obvious it gets that they really dont like summer heat that much. The intense light isnt beneficial to them either when its hot. I tend to ...
What to do with those Haworthia offsets? (19 pics)
When I said "Haworthias are next" in my last entry, I meant it literally
Here come caudiciforms! (26 pics)
If you happen to follow me on Twitter youre already aware of and hopefully not too annoyed by my current obsession with caudiciforms. Same as with Adromischus last year and ...
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