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Lithops Stories

A blog about lithops plants in cultivation


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Adromischus marianiae: Part 1 (12 pics)
These days I have been feeding my three (relatively) new succulent passions. The first one is Anacampseros that was reported on in the last post. The second is Avonia, of which ...
Anacampseros tray (14 pics)
I can not believe its been 2 years since I had my big sowing of Anacampseros. Around the same time I got the majority of the adult plants, even though Ive been growing several ...
Spring is on its way, they feel it (9 pics)
Finally, after months of darkness, weve had 2 weeks of sun (and temperatures below freezing). It is amazing how only 2 sunny weeks can transform lithops and give other plants a ...
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year everybody!! I have just looked at my resolutions for 2017 and, weeeell, I could say I pulled some things through (its a stretch). I went down 7 kilos last year ...
Other developments (12 pics)
There are other things I noticed on the windowsill recently.For example, I was very surprised to find a seed pod on my Argyroderma crateriforme. The plant flowered out of two ...
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