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Lithops Stories

A blog about lithops plants in cultivation


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Here come caudiciforms! (26 pics)
If you happen to follow me on Twitter youre already aware of and hopefully not too annoyed by my current obsession with caudiciforms. Same as with Adromischus last year and ...
The gift that keeps on giving: A Haworthia story (23 pics)
Winter is over! Warm and sunny days are coming and I cant wait to watch the plants grow. The weather is still being funky - weve had snow and -2°C on Sunday and +15°C with some ...
Adromischus marianiae cultivation tips (23 pics)
I have been growing several Adromischus plants since 2014 but this is the first year I can watch many different types grow and develop. Its exciting and full of discoveries. ...
Lithops cultivation on a windowsill (16 pics)
Recently I realized that after almost 10 years of writing about growing lithops and other succulents under less than ideal windowsill conditions I do not have a single post here ...
Avonia flowering (22 pics)
Its that time of the year again! No, not the cherry blossoms time. Its Avonia quinaria time!But before we get to that, theres more Avonia news Im probably even more excited about. ...
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