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Sending json data to a remote server – howto
If you’re sending json requests there are different possible solutions on programming with php. Here some different explained: 1. Using Streams ‚method‘ => ...
WordPress: Wartungsmodus nicht beendet / What to do when the maintenance ...
What to do when the maintenance mode is not terminated in WordPress? Thank God it’s very easy to exit the maintenance mode manually. All you need is FTP access to the ...
Magento: Add admin user with MySQL statement in the database
This script quickly adds a Magento Admin user directly into the database. It is possible to run this script from the command line or by copying and pasting into phpMyAdmin. Just ...
Magento: A foreign key constraint fails when reindex – Solution
Just execute the query in the database. Please share this article von facebook & google plus or where you want, thank you!
Magento: Delete all categories with sql
To delete all categories in Magento about sql you can use the following query. If you has more than 3 stores, you must extend the entry „catalog_product_flat_1;“ with ...
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