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100 years energy dependence explained in an amazing Video series
You have to see Dr. Judy Woods in order to understand directed energy applications on our planet!Stay healthy!Yours ANP-Magazine
This is a Science alert - I beg you, please
...change your communication model!I know that psychologists w/ AI played all communication games to find out the best way to sell us climate change! They decided for the ...
The CO² Taxation model we need - Das CO² Bepreisungsmodel welches wir ...
Dear readers,In articles 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 we explained how serious our situation is and we always urged you to avoid carbon emissions and even try eyplain that to a compensation ...
The receipy for the next ice age - how all effects lead to destruction
Ladies and gentlemen!This is the my last explanation, why we are in real trouble. From now on I will prepare you for your future. I will tell you what will happen, when it will ...
Its always the sun - 10 years later the crises of the sun activity is more ...
Hallo ihr Mondanbeter,lasset die Sonne nicht aus den Augen! Gemäß dem Lied "There is always the sun" möchte ich diesen Beitrag beginnen. Denn wie schon in ...
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