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Magento: Save admin name to order_status change using an Observer
config.xml: Observer.php:   Please share this article von facebook & google plus or where you want, thank you!
MySQL Query Sammlung / MySQL Query Library
Some MySQL Querys which you need by the programming with php / mysql or  magento: MySQL Update with sub-select: Update a value of an option, e.g. “price”, where ...
Magento: Cancel old orders / Alte Bestellungen stornieren
Um alte Bestellungen in Magento zu stornieren könnt ihr den folgenden php-code verwenden: To cancel old orders in Magento, e.g. with state “pending”, ...
Magento: Test order email with filled variables
If you would edit order emails you can use the following code to check the order emails with filled variables with order data:   Please share this article von facebook & ...
Handling Magento errors
Magento ships with a new feature, which effectively hides errors from your visitors. If some kind of error occurs – a PHP Fatal Error, or PHP Notice Error, or database error ...
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