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lustige, witzige oder völlig deplatzierte Source Code Kommentare

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Eaten by a gigantic spider
Thanks to Hans for this code candy // Hack to save null value for imageId // The Zend Framework removes the key of all null values // in the params array… // See ...
This annoyed many windows users
Thanks to Andreas R. for this code candy /* ** 2006-10-31: The default prefix used to be “sqlite_”. ** But then Mcafee started using SQLite in their anti- ** virus ...
I’m sleepy
Thanks to Tito for this code candy // TODO: I believe the method (and all class in general) // doesn’t make any sense at all, but I’m sleepy and // it works ...
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// if you do not like UGLY MONSTERHACKS, // skip reading the next three lines [...] Programming language: Java Tweet
Get all females
Thanks to Mike for this code candy // A function that retrieves all females from the database // for processing and display: function getGirls() { //if only it were really that ...
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