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Metaverse and Digital Economy
Metaverse is a kind of virtual world. It is the fictionalization of the things we do in our lives in the virtual world. Metaverse is like a universe where dreams come true. ...
Is the Monetary System Collapsing ?
The system we are in has been going downhill since 1971. We can say that the system took a big hit especially in the 2008 crisis and zombie companies were formed. Right after ...
The Economic and Financial Implications of Web 3
We have a whole new world before us. Everything is renewed. Incorporation, sociation, a brand new financial and economic system is coming. Moreover, all this will be defined by ...
Is Bitcoin in a Bullish Season ?
According to Citibank’s forecast for the end of 2021, the price of Bitcoin will rise to $ 318 thousand ...
The Metaverse and Its Possible Economic Impacts
Metaverse is a brand new concept that has entered our lives. Meta means beyond, and verse is the abbreviation of universe. In short, the metaverse. In short, a new virtual world ...
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