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Importance of analysis of Food Prices and Market Timing in forecasting ...
We witness that street events flare up from time to time around the world. Is it possible to predict these events in advance? For example, were the popular uprisings called the ...
Waiting for the Fed’s interest rate decision
What will the Fed’s interest rate decision be? All markets are holding their breath waiting for this decision. Expectations are in two different ways, as predicted. Some, ...
Behaviors of central banks and citizens in the crisis
States and central banks will have to print incredible amounts of money after the crisis in order to cope with the crisis, which the current health problem has had an ...
How does the money economy affect the family structure?
With the centralization of population, production and therefore job opportunities, the urban life has come to a point that threatens human health, which has caused health ...
Can decisions taken by the Basel Committee increase the gold and bitcoin ...
The BIS, the Bank for International Settlements, acts as the checkpoint for today’s unlimited money-based system. It was founded in 1930 in Basel, Switzerland. It is the ...
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