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Scarcity, Supply Crisis and State of Markets (Luna)
A great famine begins with the disruptions in the supply of inputs from agriculture to industry all over the world. This famine is a different famine. Namely, the shortage in the ...
The financial collapse that became evident with the withdrawal of Russia ...
Is it a coincidence that the global financial system is in trouble after Russia’s closure to world markets? Could the Russian weight weakening in the world markets with the ...
Is the Great Crash beginning? There are two backs of the knife situation ...
World markets are crashing right now. This is not a normal occurrence and not an ordinary fluctuation at all. Jerome Powell said at the last meeting that the monetary committee ...
Metaverse and Digital Economy
Metaverse is a kind of virtual world. It is the fictionalization of the things we do in our lives in the virtual world. Metaverse is like a universe where dreams come true. ...
Is the Monetary System Collapsing ?
The system we are in has been going downhill since 1971. We can say that the system took a big hit especially in the 2008 crisis and zombie companies were formed. Right after ...
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