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FED’s New Interest Rate Approach
Will the FED take a different decision for future monetary policies? Later, the Wall Street Journal reported that the tapering (the process of gradually lessening or reducing ...
Reverse Repurchase Agreements Again
There was something I mentioned in my previous post. Reverse repurchase agreements. Why does the Fed make a reverse repurchase agreement? To borrow money from large banks and ...
Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, TWDI, DXY
We can say that the markets for gold, silver and Bitcoin are getting more and more positive. One of the sources we can rely on for this is the Trade Weighted Dollar ...
Are Indicators of the Great Crisis Becoming Clear? Property Prices Are ...
  As I mentioned in my previous articles, one of the most important indicators of the crisis is the real estate price index. Various indices have been developed for real estate ...
Life is largely shaped by the economic conditions of the period. Economic conditions are also related to how production is done. In other words, just as the industry uses ...
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