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Polar Lights Awareness

Der Blog bietet die Möglichkeit mehr über Mental Health - psychische Gesundheit - zu erfahren. Durch Bildung und Erfahrungsberichte von Betroffenen, leistet der Blog einen Anteil am Abbau von Stigmatisierung.


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Finding your path with depression. Not a guide, just a story
Deutsche Version weiter unten This blog post is based on personal experience of symptoms that CAN occur in depression. There are therefore no evidencing numbers showing that ...
Is the prevention of suicide an intervention in self-determination?
Deutsche Version weiter unten While researching the first two articles on this topic, I stumbled over this question again and again. Can one speak of an intervention in the right ...
Suicide every 40 seconds
Deutsche Version weiter unten The frightening numbers of suicide do not seem so abstract anymore, if one can imagine the quota in a certain timeframe. While I heat up my food in ...
Lets Talk about suicide Tendencies
Deutsche Version weiter unten I would like to start the topic with the dissolved myths from a WHO publication (see WHO, 2014): It is a misconception that people who announce ...
The search for a therapy place (in Germany)
DEUTSCHE VERSION WEITER UNTEN ,,If you are acutely endangering yourself or others, none of the steps are necessary to get help. Contact the nearest psychiatry/clinic. If a crisis ...
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