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Project Guide - Business Projects. Management. Community. We created Project Guide with tips and best practices, expert knowledge and actionable strategies so that your team can carry out the work even more efficiently. Register for free and connect with members inside the portal, you will receive the best possible information exchange with your account. Submit your business and project posts, these will be shared within the community to all members and automatically in Google Search Engine.


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5 Reasons to Love Micropreneurs—The Best Traits the Smallest of Small ...
Even though I’ve taken a full-time role writing content for a fintech company, I’m still running my content agency part-time. I will always be an entrepreneur at ...
Change organizational systems with the Liberating Structure ‘Panarchy’
Liberating Structures are a collection of interaction patterns that allow you to unleash and involve everyone in a group — from extroverted to introverted and from leaders to ...
The Benefits of Helping Your Business Competition—Yes, Really
By Alex M H Smith Generally speaking, what’s bad for our competitors is good for us. Any slip by them—any scandal, piece of mismanagement, or boardroom ...
Alternative zu Maps: Huawei will TomTom nutzen
Wegen der US-Sanktionen darf Huawei keine Google-Dienste wie Maps nutzen. Als Alternative ist nun Kartenmaterial von TomTom im Gespräch. IT-News und Hintergrundartikel ...
A Simple 6-Month Plan to Help You Build Business Credit
While your resolutions as a small business owner probably include things like “grow my business” or “hire my first employee,” I’m guessing ...
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