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Polish Cinephile

Entdecke Polen durch die Filme. Auf Englisch.


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Polish movies to watch on German Netflix
My first movie list is to help you find some nice ideas, what you can watch while staying at home. So here it is. 1983 It’s a first Polish series produced exclusively for ...
The Art of Loving
First I wanted to write a list of Polish movies available on German Netflix. Something useful for the challenging times and little bit of inspiration for what to watch these days, ...
Oscar Night 2020
For every cinephile theres one important night in the year and its not New Years Eve. Its Oscar night, which marks the end of the film year. Der Beitrag Oscar Night 2020 erschien ...
Chce się żyć
Dawid Ogrodnik mesmerizes (as always) in his role as Mateusz, who suffers from cerebral palsy. Powerful emotions guaranteed! Der Beitrag Chce się żyć erschien zuerst auf Polish ...
Poland also joined the untold "competition" of creating remake of an Italian movie Perfetti Sconosciuti by Paolo Genovese. As the German remake premiered on 31. October, I decided ...
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