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Poland also joined the untold "competition" of creating remake of an Italian movie Perfetti Sconosciuti by Paolo Genovese. As the German remake premiered on 31. October, I decided ...
Twarz shows everything stereotypical about small Polish village. However, we also find here other aspects about Polish culture in generall. The most important is the background ...
Moje córki krowy
If youre searching for a great Polish family drama with real emotions you should definitely watch Moje córki krowy (Engl. These Daughters of Mine). Der Beitrag Moje córki krowy ...
Generation VHS versus Netflix
I came across an article in the Polish magazin Kino by Bartosz Czartoryski called "Video rental shop, Mon Amour" (08/2019). The article is in Polish, so this is why I decided to ...
Dzień Kobiet
Dzień Kobiet (direct translation into English: Womens Day) was claimed as the polish version of Erin Brockovich. The movie is interesting not only because of its universal story ...
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