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FernwehSarah is a German Travel Influencer and Blogger. She describes herself as a "Travel-a-holic, Foodie and Lover of Life". In her Blog she reviews hotels, airlines and restaurants, gives useful travel advice as well as publishes destination guides. Her blog is fully connected with her social media profiles where she inspires other travelers and encourages them to follow her adventures.


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The new TripAdvisor: The next big thing for travel influencers?
On 13th of November TripAdvisor released their all-new design to the public. It now contains a social media feed that reminds of Facebook. Lets have a look at this brand new ...
Cruise like a Norwegian: Norwegian Cruise Line Review
"Cruise like a Norwegian" is NCLs (Norwegian Cruise Line) marketing slogan. But what do they mean by that? Is there something that makes them different? In February 2018 I went on ...
Is Instagram dead and is it time to move away?
We have all seen it happen. MySpace has died and Facebook is in its last breaths. Will Instagram be next? Content creators are getting more and more annoyed and frankly, the ...
The ultimative world traveler bucket list (The 10 most amazing things we ...
Traveling the world for nine months has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life! We have been to all continents and visited numerous different countries. Get ...
30 Perfect Gifts For World Travelers (that they REALLY want!)
So you know someone who is a real travel lunatic and you are looking for a great gift for them? Heres a list of 10 awesome items that they will actually REALLY not (and that wont ...
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