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FernwehSarah is a German Travel Influencer and Blogger. She describes herself as a "Travel-a-holic, Foodie and Lover of Life". In her Blog she reviews hotels, airlines and restaurants, gives useful travel advice as well as publishes destination guides. Her blog is fully connected with her social media profiles where she inspires other travelers and encourages them to follow her adventures.


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Where I have been so far
I call myself a Travel-a-Holic on Instagram, so OF COURSE I keep track of how many countries I have visited! But actually, this short article isn’t supposed to be about ...
A truly Japanese experience – Staying at a Ryokan at the Takaragawa Onsen
Hi there! You might have already seen my video review on the Takaragawa Onsen and Ryokan (still learning the vlogging thing – feedback appreciated!) But for the ones of you ...
Taipei Luxury Accomodation – The Miramar Garden Hotel
Hi lovelies! If you are planning to go to Taipei soon, I got a tip for you where to stay if you want to spoil yourself some luxury without emptying your pockets completely: The ...
North-East Japan with JR East South Hokkaido Railpass
If you are thinking about traveling to Japan, you probably already heard about the JR Railpass and the incredible benefits that it offers to Tourists traveling with the ...
TOP 5 Things to do in Sapporo
As I recently went to Sapporo to see the last cherry blossoms of the season, I thought you might like my tipps on “What to do in Sapporo”! If you are not there for ...
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