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Slow down
I made the experience that my deadline set for Fridays kills my creativity and my fun of writing. I found me searching for something to write about every Thursday evening ...
The secrets of waste separation
Waste separation can be a jungle. In Germany we are very proud of our recycling system and claim to be role models for the rest of the world but is that really the case? ...
The correlation between aluminium and certain illnesses has not been proven yet. Scientists are still discussing whether aluminium increases the danger of suffering from ...
Review - Veggie Jan
... No, I didnt really miss anything. Trying to live a vegetarian way of life broadened my mind. You need to be a bit creative when thinking about your daily food but it ...
I chose the BBC documentary "Earth" as first entry in this new category on the blog. There is actually no special reason for it except that I liked the cover picture. It is ...
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