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Yet to Reveal

Yet to Reveal is a spiritual lifestyle, travel and health blog run by a yoga teacher, health coach and travel addict named Sarah. She created the online space to share insights, inspire, discuss and bring awareness to all kinds of topics – some more related than others, but all stringed together as they somehow generate to living a more happy, healthy and satisfied life. We are natural, complex and curious beings, interested in so many different things. And that’s totally okay and should be expressed with joy and happiness, overcoming the belief that we have to decide and settle for only one


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17 days through Sri Lanka
Even though Sri Lanka is “just an island”, there is so so much to see and do, that 2 or even 3 weeks are no where near enough to explore and do it all. But who says it ...
Sri Lanka travel hacks & know hows
While in my opinion Sri Lanka is a country you can just book a ticket, arrive, start travelling and have a good time even though you know nothing about the country, it is always ...
11 amazing travel apps – make travelling easy
I would almost go ahead and say that nowadays travelling is so much easier than it used to be. Everywhere we go we, all the time we have all information that exists available ...
Surf, Yoga & vegan resort in Sri Lanka
Resorts and retreats become more and more popular. Not only in Asia (Thailand, Bali, Sri Lanka, India, …) they seem to be very in style, but also in Europe (Spain, Portugal, ...
Cheap accommodations in Sri Lanka – spending less than 10€ per night
When travelling, accomodations can add up quite fast, and are often one of the most expensive things throughout the whole trip. Even though I didn’t travel Sri Lanka on a ...
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