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The Gypsy Lioness

Fashion and lifestyle blog of a German bohemian girl who is in love with everything far from normal and the rules of society. My style includes boho, gypsy, hippie, and kind of wildflower. I hope to be an inspiration to all the free spirits and wandering souls out there!


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The art of letting go. Travel thoughts.
The mountains scream as I walk away. Go, go. My mind is a river I go with the flow of the clear blue surface in my head and my eyes. Nature and state of mind become one if I ...
⫸Wide open spaces ● Alberta
Alberta Hazy like the smoke coming from the mountains. My mind is a river. My mind is a bird. With my eyes wide open I’m looking for freedom in the great wide ...
Gone west. theGypsyLioness in Canada #1
The moment, the raindrops reach the water’s surface is like the moment dreams come true for each of us. It’s just a second, a tiny moment. But it draws circles ...
Black n’ blue Vintage ☽
This is all about vintage, about colors and darkness, about leather and pattern, about ethno and grunge. I’m a bohemian girl, a vintage lover. A lover of the ...
Keepin’ on ☼ hippie boho summer 》lookbook《
I’m a country girl by heart. I was raised in the wild. My spirit is free and my soul got some vintage shades. And I’ll keep on keepin’ on because ...
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