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The Gypsy Lioness

Fashion and lifestyle blog of a German bohemian girl who is in love with everything far from normal and the rules of society. My style includes boho, gypsy, hippie, and kind of wildflower. I hope to be an inspiration to all the free spirits and wandering souls out there!


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Dusk ‘n lupins moonchild
She was so happy about the world I’m floating with my head in the clouds. Should I feel happy? Should I be scared? Time is such an overwhelming thing. Such as a rhythm, ...
Dreads and growing paradise ❀ a summer lookbook
What if we were stardust. Visiting the earth as a place of beauty. What if peace was a default, what if love wasn’t a riddle. Now I will be the ...
Something about Instagrams misery
I noticed it for such a long time now and I kept my mouth shut most of the time but now I have to break the silence. In the last days of 2017, I nearly reached 1800 followers and ...
Music of nature ✧ sound of the earth«
The harp has been my instrument for so many years. I started playing at the age of eight and I still love to do so. For me, it is one of the most natural and inspiring ...
Feathers and flower crowns ➳summer hippie lookbook ❀❀❀
  Hey hippies! I have a huge lookbook for you! Sorry for this flood of pictures but I couldn’t decide for less. I love every single of them and I ...
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