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Female single traveller, blogging on individual trips and travels - with I highly artsy impact. Weibliche Alleinreisende, bloggt über Individualtrips und -reisen - mit hohem Kunstfaktor.


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SRI LANKA - a Guide to the Islands Most Amazing Places
My three-week visit to the Island of Sri Lanka was a mesmerizing experience: The historic remains, the preserved natural richness, the white beaches, and colorful traditional ...
INHOTIM- Introducing Gods and Other Artists Creations
God's artistic creations - such as flowers and trees - are of genuine, pure beauty, indeed. But in combination with creations by earthly visual artists, they become just ...
The Voice of Colors: Rita, Eduardo, and Jorge in Rio
Streetart is becoming more and more not only tolerated, but recognized and promoted. Especially in Southamerica, it has a long tradition - as a medium where colors give the people ...
I am what I am...and what I am is not a person who likes carnival
I am what I am.... - the beginning of Gloria Gaynors evergreen is the perfect intro to a post I wrote last year during the carnival in Brazil.Since yesterday, this years edition ...
BRAZIL - Updated Travel Guide
(Update February 2019)I think there are countries that are on every travellers bucket list, and Brazil is definitely one of them.These are only three highlights Brazil has to ...
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