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Female single traveller, blogging on individual trips and travels - with I highly artsy impact. Weibliche Alleinreisende, bloggt über Individualtrips und -reisen - mit hohem Kunstfaktor.


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FRANKFURT - city of stark contrasts
For decades Frankfurt had a very bad reputation - especially in the rest of Germany: ill famed for sex and crime in contrast to cold, charmless facades of skyscrapers housing ...
so its not getting out of hands: what to put in your hand luggage
Hand luggage - Im a big fan, huge supporter and passionate user. Where possible, I even try to travel exclusively with hand luggage, not only because the cheap airlines charge ...
COPENHAGEN - cozy and crazy
Scandinavia is beautiful: There are modern cities and cute little towns, rambling woods, broad sand beaches along the Northern Sea (which is actually part of the Atlantic Ocean) ...
United Colors of B...iennale
Hard to believe that its been already one month ago that Ive been to Venice on the occasion of the 57th Biennale. Time passes so fast. But its a good moment to look back on this ...
24 hours in...Milan
After my stopover in Milan on the occasion of my trip to Venice for the 57th Biennale, Im now ready to share my best advices in this brand-new "24 hours in..."-post. As usual, ...
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