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Female single traveller, blogging on individual trips and travels - with I highly artsy impact. Weibliche Alleinreisende, bloggt über Individualtrips und -reisen - mit hohem Kunstfaktor.


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travelling in style - with hand luggage only
(Re-edited and update December 2019)For years, I was keen to fit all my stuff into a carry-on when going on shorter trips around Europe. First, only my cheapie-cheap flights did ...
What (not) to pack for JAPAN
Yes, of course, you can just grab some suitcase, throw a hodgepodge of clothes, shoes, and cosmetics in and you're good to go - provided you stay within your airline's ...
How (not) to behave in JAPAN
I really don't know why everyone emphasizes how different Japan is. Different from what? Like everything else in life, different is very relative.Follow the leader. And follow ...
JAPAN for First Timers: An Adjustable Guide
Are you planning on going to Japan for the first time?Being all excited?Wondering what to expect?Having a million questions?Well, I recently came back from my first big ...
A night at the KAGURA
When travelling, I love to attend folkloristic spectacles - due to the language barrier preferably dance shows: In Kandy on the island of Sri Lanka, I saw a dance show, in Chang ...
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