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Female single traveller, blogging on individual trips and travels - with I highly artsy impact. Weibliche Alleinreisende, bloggt über Individualtrips und -reisen - mit hohem Kunstfaktor.


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PERU after Paddington Bear - a travel guide (for solo female travelers)
I dont get Paddington bear: how could he have left Peru? This country - divided into the geographic areas sierra, selva, costa,  i. e. mountains, jungle, coastline - has so much ...
SÃO PAULO - a tour guided by muralist Eduardo Kobra
Christ the Redeemer? In Rio de Janeiro. The jungle? At Manaus. The waterfalls? In Iguacu. So when in Brazil, why go to São Paulo? Why? Because its the coolest and most artsy city ...
Paris Airport Charles de Gaulle: Instant Lounge, Instant Leisure
I didnt know anybody who was excitedly looking forward to a stopover in Paris - notably at Charles de Gaulle airport. Soyez bienvenus at the - free! - transfer lounge of Paris ...
Reality in Black and White
Im very much into art. After having seen trizillions of beautiful, alluring, enchanting works of arts, I enjoy it most when an exhibition - or even an individual artist - surprise ...
a few words about learning a few words
Considering that at least in Germany is advertising a lot, to my surprise I dont know anybody actually learning with this online tool. A pictogram might be the last ...
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