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Female single traveller, blogging on individual trips and travels - with I highly artsy impact. Weibliche Alleinreisende, bloggt über Individualtrips und -reisen - mit hohem Kunstfaktor.


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The Great Cuba Robbery
I got robbed.And eventually, I unveiled an even bigger theft.These crimes happened in a quite and at the same time quite touristy place in Cuba.Establishing my private witness ...
CUBA - the complete travel guide
(Update October 2018)Sharing info on a trip across Cuba is particularly challenging since things were changing so fast. After Barack Obama and the Rolling Stones had left, between ...
LJUBLJANA mon amour
Ljubljana: Already the city's name sounds like a tender song...and derives from ljubljena - beloved.Like in every decent fairy tale, you have to make it past the dragon to get ...
24 hours in...Zagreb
You know like in all my "24 hours in...."-post I'm writing that there is so much more to see and one day are not enough? Well, when it comes to Zagreb, I don't. ...
Croatia Bus Road Trip. Eighth Stop Dubrovnik
I wrote in one of the posts on my rail road trip through Portugal that this kind of meandering from stop to stop stretches the travel endlessly. Every single destination feels ...
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