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Blog und Lernplattform für IT-Administratoren und IT-Interessierte zum Thema Windows Server, Windows Client, Windows PowerShell, Cisco, Security und Digitalisierung


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PowerShell: Do-While vs. Do-Until vs. While
Understanding the differences between a do-while, do-until and while loop could be confusing. Is it the same? Why then two different techniques? In this blog post I will show the ...
PowerShell: Endless Ping with Test-Connection (Test-Endless)
If you look up how a ping can be done endlessly with Test-Connection, you will usually find solution with a while loop or something else complicated. The dilemma is that ping ...
Office 365 | Exchange Online: List inactive Mailboxes
Retired employees are usually reported to the IT department, but for whatever reason this is not always the case. As an Office 365 administrator, you might want to know which user ...
PowerShell: Changing Files and Folders Creation Time
Usually, working with PowerShell is a serious and demanding job. PowerShell is powerful, you can destroy your system by running the wrong commands. However, in this blog post we ...
Neue PowerShell Kurse in Wien in Kooperation mit ITLS
Liebe Follower! Ab Oktober 2019 kooperiert die PowerShell User Group Austria mit ITLS in Wien und bietet pro Quartal drei PowerShell Kurse an. Infos gibt es hier: ...
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