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Blog und Lernplattform für IT-Administratoren und IT-Interessierte zum Thema Windows Server, Windows Client, Windows PowerShell, Cisco, Security und Digitalisierung


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The PowerShell Conference Book now available as Paperback
Dear followers! The PowerShell Conference Book is now listed in the Amazon book store. As mentioned earlier, I’ve contributed the chapter “PowerShell as an Enterprise ...
Powershell: Showing the Uptime of all Windows Servers
Let’s say you want to get an overview of the uptime of all Windows servers in your domain. This is a very important information and you should have a look at the uptime of ...
PowerShell: Getting Windows Defender Status from all Domain Joined ...
You are using Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 or higher? Want to check the status of Windows Defender Anti-Malware from all computers? Then you’ve come to the right ...
How to create PowerShell Scheduled Jobs on the Local Computer and on ...
Scheduled jobs do something. They do something at a predefined time or when an event occurs. You can create PowerShell scheduled jobs easily and quickly. PowerShell scheduled jobs ...
Enabling Remote Desktop remotely with PowerShell
Consider the following scenario: There’s a switched on client computer in a branch office and you want to connect to that computer via remote desktop. Remote desktop is ...
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