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List all Server Roles from all Windows Servers with PowerShell
So you are about to document your network and os environment? You don’t want to purchase 3rd party software? You want to list all server roles from all servers in your ...
Microsoft 365: Show Mailboxes that have Auto-Reply enabled
Mailbox auto-reply settings are usually created and defined by the users himself. If you want to get an overview of the auto-reply settings of your organization you have to ask ...
PowerShell: Creating Functions that accept Pipeline Input (ByValue)
You probably have already created your first function in PowerShell and now you want that your function is capable of pipeline input. Right? Ok, you’ve come to the right ...
PowerShell 7: Foreach-Object -Parallel
With PowerShell 7 a new feature has been introduced: Foreach-Object -Parallel. The parallel feature will speed up loops in PowerShell. In this blog post I will compare the old ...
Kostenloser PowerShell for Beginners Workshop 05.03.2020 (Review): Bilder, ...
Vielen Dank für den tollen Nachmittag mit PowerShell 5 und PowerShell 7. Anbei einige Pics und Unterlagen … Fotos Roman Stadlmair mit den 3 wichtigesten Regeln in Action ...
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