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Berrie Oh

Egal ob Mode, Pop-Kultur, Fandoms, Fotografie oder Reisen, dieser Blog bietet dem Leser eine kleine Zuflucht aus der Realität. Der Blog ist auf Englisch verfasst und bietet wöchentlich neue Beiträge über die verschiedensten Themen. Enjoy!


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The Challenges of Feminism
Since the international womens day is celebrated today, I would like to write about that infamous term Feminism everyone is so afraid of. Why is that? I guess it is because most ...
The View From the Afternoon: How to Capture Friends on Your Camera
We all know these moments. After a seemingly long walk through a busy town where people seem to carry their Chanel-bags like dogs, something is slowly creeping from behind without ...
Photo Blog: Spring
It is the 1st of March and Spring is waking slowly but surely. The many facets of this season are everywhere - the sign of tiny flowers growing, the scent of freshness in the air. ...
How The Hashtag #1917LIVE Has Made My Day
A hundred years ago, around this time of the year, Russia went through the greatest change in history: The February Revolution of 1917, which was the first of two significant ...
My most ludicrous Flight ever - BlogParade
This blog is part of a BlogParade by Here is a link to the BlogParade: Enjoy!I dont know how to begin with ...
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