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Berrie Oh

Egal ob Mode, Pop-Kultur, Fandoms, Fotografie oder Reisen, dieser Blog bietet dem Leser eine kleine Zuflucht aus der Realität. Der Blog ist auf Englisch verfasst und bietet wöchentlich neue Beiträge über die verschiedensten Themen. Enjoy!


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If Youre Feeling Sinister Just Order Your Favourite Album on LP *Or How ...
Often, I find myself sweeping the shattered parts of my broken-glass-brain. This process is preventing me from feeling like a melancholy Belle and Sebastian song. (By the way, I ...
The Book, The Author and You
This is part of yet another BlogParade I have joined by Book Princess by Sarah, here is a short ...
I am different and that is alright - BlogParade
This short blog is part of a BlogParade started by AT-Bücher. Check out the link:über-mich/ich-bin-anders/Often we look at other people and wonder ...
Why The Picasso Museum Should Be Your New Favourite Museum
When you visit an art gallery you expect most people who do not share your interest for arts to yawn and slowly walk out without notice. I have seen it many times and often it was ...
All About Eve: The Classic Movie Everyone Should Watch!
The classic twist and turns, the bitterness of old age and the corrupt work of the younger generations: This is All About Eve. A movie that plays around the theater cannot be ...
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