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TinyWorlds - Nature Photos

Do you love the forest? On my blog I share my photos of nature and the tiny, magical worlds hidden in it. Take a look at my photos or learn something new from my articles.


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Aktuelle Posts

Flooded forest farm
We had to make a concept & 3D model for some courses in uni, so I decided  to make a farm in the forest!Its inspired by Estonian and Swedish actual farms and a particular ...
Little sprout bud
I turned my little sprout bud into a 3D game character! ^^Im really proud of how he turned out. I was always quite scared by the idea of making a 3D game character. All those ...
Opened an etsy with postcards & stickers!
Hi everybody! I just opened an Etsy shop where I sell postcards & stickers of my photos :) ...
Pictures from exploring a lost hospital in scotland
Today we explored a lost hospital established in 1855, photographing its beautiful decay and learning of the turbulent story behind it. "And they wanted to punish them for ...
A lighthouse at the end of the world (Neist Point)
Youve probably come across an image of this lighthouse before (from another perspective).Neist Point lighthouse is a really popular motif for photographers at the very end ...
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