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TinyWorlds - Nature Photos

Do you love the forest? On my blog I share my photos of nature and the tiny, magical worlds hidden in it. Take a look at my photos or learn something new from my articles.


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Opened an etsy with postcards & stickers!
Hi everybody! I just opened an Etsy shop where I sell postcards & stickers of my photos :) ...
Pictures from exploring a lost hospital in scotland
Today we explored a lost hospital established in 1855, photographing its beautiful decay and learning of the turbulent story behind it. "And they wanted to punish them for ...
A lighthouse at the end of the world (Neist Point)
Youve probably come across an image of this lighthouse before (from another perspective).Neist Point lighthouse is a really popular motif for photographers at the very end ...
A cute little Lighthouse
Scurdie Ness Lighthouse, Scotland​Luckily this place is just a quick bus ride up the coast from where Im staying. An absolutely beautiful little lighthouse.Watching the ...
Exploring Abandoned Military Quarters
We found some former Polish barracks next to Tayport, Scotland. Lost military area Its hard to find any information on this area online, but what I could gather from some ...
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