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Hypez n Vibez

Der Blog beschäftigt sich hauptsächlich mit Lifestyle-Themen. Dazu gehören für mich Musik, Reisen, Mode und Gedanken zu aktuellen Themen. Das Ganze gepaart mit Meinungen der Autorin


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The Internship Journey
"We are looking for someone between 22-26 with 30 years of job experience".Believe it or not but this is not even a joke in the big and cruel world of business and economy. Since ...
An Italian Summer
Summer is over and so are the times of hot air, cool breezes and wonderful memories. Theres no need to cry, summer 2k18 is almost around the corner ;) and fall has found its ...
An Holland Getaway
The past weeks have been hectic, hey!After Berlin Fashion Week I went on a little trip to Netherlands with my family and it was really destressing. Im usually not the type for ...
Berlin Fashion Week @ Bright Tradeshow
Berlin Fashion Week is over.The experiences Ive made are so long-lasting that Ill probably profit from them forever. As Ive told you in the previous post, I was there to represent ...
"All Eyez On Me" Review, Life Update and Motivational Words
Hola peeps,I was resurrected. This semester finally came to an end. In may life challenged me with a loss of a beloved family member for the first time but every end is a new ...
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