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Explore Game Mechanics

Learn more about game design by actively analyzing principles and core mechanics of different games and game genres. Understand how games are working and read about the practice of putting experiences into words instead of reading standard game reviews. This blog should also be a pool of ideas for new concepts and questions existing ones.


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Aktuelle Posts

One Touch Games Are All The Same – Nope!
Are you also a person who would lump together all existing one touch games? Than read this entry and learn about the differences! As promised I want to collect some game mechanic ...
Marble Drop – Let It Roll!
This time I decided to write about a game called “Marble Drop” (by M Square Development Group). It is also a mobile game and as the name might let you imagine: you ...
Juicy Clouds – Less Is More
Finally here it is: the first post and game exploration. I actually wanted to post this three weeks ago, but I was very busy due to the GamesWeekBerlin and our semester ...
What This Blog Will Be About
Some time ago I started playing various games because I had some minutes left besides my studies. No matter if mobile games, browser games or social games. I downloaded them and ...
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