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Städteblog Berlin mit Stories aus und über Berlin, Lifestyle, Streestyle, Fashion & Faces und jeder Menge Fotos die die Hauptstadt ganz authentisch zeigen.


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Berlin|Tourist Information
I like travelling very much and I regularly visit the metropolitans of Europe and New York City very often. It’s fascinating to discover the capitals of Europe and the ...
Berlin| Surviving public transfer
ENGLISH //  DEUTSCH Before I moved to Berlin I sold my car because I don’t need one in Berlin. Local traffic, subway, buses and underground are excellent and I live in ...
Berlin|Terrorism in Berlin
Very often I thought it’s only a question of time till terrorism arrives in my town. At the 19th of december 2016 it took place in a horrible kind of way. An LKW drove into ...
Berlin| Blogger Life
When I started my blog in May 2015 I fullfilled myself a dream. Before that I engaged myself for a really long time in some selected blogs.I studied their content very intensive ...
Berlin| La Berlinista Social Media
Dear follower  and guests.Thank you for visiting and following me on my blog!You are also invited to take a look at my Snapchat and Instagram account: Laberlinista. Liebe ...
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