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Ich schreibe in regelmäßigen Abständen über Dinge, die mir in der IT begegnen und die ich interessant finde. Dabei handelt es sich unter anderem um Themen wie IT-Security, Microsoft Produkte, OpenSource, Lösungen aus meinem Admin-Alltag...


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Securing your infrastructure with Just Enough Administration
I was giving a talk about Just Enough Administration (JEA) at PSConfEU 2018 in Hannover and I also wanted to share my thoughts with you writing this blog post. My PSConfEU ...
Stop using Lan Manager and NTLMv1!
When performing Security checks in customer environments I often find out that Lan Manager or NTLMv1 is still allowed. Most customers don’t know that this setting leaves ...
myDeckWishlist – Magic the Gathering
Magic the Gathering, played with real cards, can be a very expensive hobby: If you want to buy cards for a new deck, you often have to wait some months to get all cards you ...
Hakin9 – How to become a hacker
For all of you who ever wondered how to become a hacker, Hakin9 interviewed a few people about how to become a hacker including me. They released their issue “How to become ...
Hakin9 published my article in the latest magazine “WordPress Hacking ...
My article “WordPress distributions and Security – a short overview” was published in the latest Hakin9 magazine “WordPress Hacking & ...
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