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Tipps und Tutorials zu Smartwatches, Android und Spieleprogrammierung.


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Published Coding Essentials
Category: unity3d This package provides you with everything you need to start efficient game programming. It adds several classes that are missing in Unity and the .NET ...
Project: InfinityPi #5 (Simple Test)
Category: infinitypi A package arrived today, with the last parts of my InfinityPi: Portable Power! Therefore I made a little test run :) Portable Power The parts for ...
Project: InfinityPi #4 (Joystick)
Category: infinitypi As promised I will wire up a simple joystick this time. Furthermore I will give you a little overview over an Arduino joystick library. Wiring This ...
Project: InfinityPi #3 (analog IO)
Category: infinitypi This time I will show you an even smaller Ardunio board, that is comparable to the Arduino micro, but that costs much less. Furthermore I will write a ...
Project: InfinityPi #2
Category: infinitypi A portable gaming station needs an integrated controller. In this blog post I will start with the basics of the gamepad development. Arduino ...
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