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smart food and fitness

Englischsprachiger Blog über gesunde Ernährung und Fitness mit vielen Tips, Anregungen und Rezepten.


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4-MI: The Dark Side Of Coke
Hi friends! Do you like the delicious, sparkling, black coke that is served in almost every restaurant worldwide? No matter which company produced the coke that you drink, it is ...
Does Consciousness Create Our Own Reality?
Hi everyone! Spiritual teachers from ancient India and South America are convinced that consciousness creates our own reality. They suggest that everything that happens in our ...
Learn To Be Optimistic
Hi everyone! Let me ask you one question: What is your nature? Are you pessimistic or optimistic? Pessimism not only affects the ability to enjoy our lives or to be brave, but ...
Phytotherapeutics 1 – Aloe Vera
Hi everyone! Some of you might remember the micronutrients article series, which I started last winter. As it is always good to have a couple of related articles for a particular ...
Top Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss
Hi everyone! Summer’s coming, which brings with it the desire of losing weight and being in shape. So I assume, that many of us are currently working their bodies and living ...
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