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Wissenschaft und Spiritualität sind die zweinSeiten der Münze genannt


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Seen in the light of the day….
…. it shows frequently, that things are not really like they seem. Why so? How does reality occur? And what does this have to do with quantum physics? Let’s approach these ...
Liberty of thoughts – an alternative concept on universe part 2
A possible matrix of all existing There is this spacetime knot. It rotates around itself, like a small sun. It does so, because it expresses its infinity in this circulation as ...
Liberty of thoughts – an alternative concept on Universe Part 1
Many brilliant heads pondered on some questions for centuries: What is time, how does the universe function and what is it all about with dimensions? It could be read frequentlly ...
LHC – Mankind’s largest machine is used for research
The LHC, located in the nuclear research center CERN in Geneva, is most probably the best-known machine in the world. It definitely is the largest and most fascinating technical ...
Thoughts on the time concept of Supergravitation
One of the thrilling newer theories is the idea of supergravitation. This insists,that there might be a field, pretty similar to the Higgs-Field, that emanates bosons, which ...
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