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Batch convert Images on Windows and Linux
I encountered a common problem when preparing images for the web (e.g. this blog), from screenshots or from renders. These are usually available as .tiff or .pnm formats or have ...
Skype mutes all sounds under Linux – fixed
I had lately the problem, that the new Skype version mutes all other sounds (e.g. playing videos) when a notification sound is played. This is quite annoying, since ...
Compression Basics under Linux
Compressing files and folders on linux is not always an easy task. This is mainly due to the lack and impracticability of compressing GUI tools under linux. Basicly the most easy ...
Adding a language attribute to links – hreflang
Adding a hreflang flag to the Blog might be useful. I surely think, this could boost the page rating and make it more easily searchable. Usage is easy as can be seen in this ...
fstab mount by UUID
I recently ran across a bug when installing Fedora 20. The installer crashed when trying to probe mdraid. This also happend when I (completely) disconnected the array from the ...
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