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my way to a crafty and delicious life


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Alphabet of Happiness
Hello again, I started out writing my journal every day almost daily since 2016. It was all to keep track of the small little things of happiness happening left and right while ...
And just like this March crept up on us. Seriously I feel like I am still recovering from Christmas break and here we are heading straight for Easter. Last month’s plan was ...
Finnish inspired Hot Cranberry Juice – Kuuma Karpalomehu
Good morning, Once a year I invite you for a Finnish meal on my blog. We had cake and breakfast and last year some Salmon Soup. High time for a warming drink. When we enjoyed our ...
Three Things – a tiny questionnaire just for the fun of it
Hey there, I was inspired by San’s post and figured why not share my version of those answers. Three foods I hate and refuse to eat. Plain milk ( I cook/bake with it or ...
The art of doing nothing
It is Sunday evening and I can proudly say – I did nothing this weekend. A couple years ago – and even many days today – I would have feel like a total looser wasting my time ...
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