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And just like this March crept up on us. Seriously I feel like I am still recovering from Christmas break and here we are heading straight for Easter. Last month’s plan was ...
Finnish inspired Hot Cranberry Juice – Kuuma Karpalomehu
Good morning, Once a year I invite you for a Finnish meal on my blog. We had cake and breakfast and last year some Salmon Soup. High time for a warming drink. When we enjoyed our ...
Three Things – a tiny questionnaire just for the fun of it
Hey there, I was inspired by San’s post and figured why not share my version of those answers. Three foods I hate and refuse to eat. Plain milk ( I cook/bake with it or ...
The art of doing nothing
It is Sunday evening and I can proudly say – I did nothing this weekend. A couple years ago – and even many days today – I would have feel like a total looser wasting my time ...
Beautify 2018 – Time for those resolutions
Good morning, another year is in front of us – so pure, so innocent, so promising. All the possibilities, all the wonders, all the adventures. A blank slate. What will it be? I ...
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