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Slam Poetry by Antony Hequet


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The singer’s path – Qi Gong Übungen (Practice)
At the age of 25 five I had a very strong experience while singing for a small group of people. This enlightening experience triggered my decision to become a singer. At the time, ...
Slam Poetry – Passion – Ecstasy
Hidden in the shadow of Odinn the Norse God of War, we discover another Odinn: he is also called the Spirit. His attributes are the Poetry, the Spirit and the Ecstasy. The ...
Qi Gong Übungen: The Batman Workshop
Qi Gong Übungen: On the 24th and 25 of May 2014 at the Funkhaus Nalepastraße Berlin A workshop given by Antony Hequet, poet composer singer Qi Gong instructor. This workshop is ...
Qi Gong Übungen – Creativity & Energy
Being creative, producing art works, in particular making music, requires much energy. When confronted with the necessity of achieving  intense energy levels over sustained ...
Siberian Qi Gong courses
Given by Antony Hequet – poet composer singer Qi Gong instructor The course : based on Siberian Qi Gong, the class provides the participants with tools allowing them to ...
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