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digital commute

life on the digital commute between online and offline, business and lifestyle, Berlin and Cape Town


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Binauric to Release First Ear Buds With 3D Recording Capability
Binauric, the innovative German company behind the Boom Boom 3D speaker, this week releases a second product with 3D recording capacity: artfully designed, Bluetooth ear buds ...
Ugly no More – Stop Hiding Your Power Socket and WiFi Router
“Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow internet to see who they really are.” This quote by Will Ferrel could be extended even ...
Shower Smarter – Save Energy and Water in the Bathroom with these two ...
Without my daily shower time, I’d probably forget half of my to do list and had missed quite a few “magical” ideas. But it’s not only time and ideas that ...
LUMO makes city cyclists safe on the bike and stylish off it
“City cyclists don’t just dress for the journey, we dress for the destination too. Until now high quality cycling wear has largely been targeted at weekend warriors, we want to ...
Mind, Body & Soul – 3 Digital Motivators for Personal Development
Like many people, I am constantly reflecting on my skills, my mood and my wellbeing, usually coming to the conclusion there’s always room for improvement. What I’m ...
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