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Stacking Light Trails for Night Photography Special Effects
In Melbourne there is an intersection that’s iconic for taking light trails photos. It is the corner of Flinders Street and Swanston Street, in front of Flinders Street Station. ...
Composition and the Power of Line
Lines are all around us in photography. Conscious use of line can add depth or dynamism to your composition. Let me show you what I mean. Take a look at the following image: It’s ...
How to Improve Your Night Photos – Add Reflections
Some practical tips on how to use reflections to improve your night photography. Quelle: How to Improve Your Night Photos – Add Reflections The post How to Improve Your ...
Intentional Blur- How to Create it and Why it’s Awesome
Open up any photography magazine or website, and I promise there will be at least one article, and a half dozen ads, discussing image sharpness and how to get it through technique ...
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