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Das Blog für direct fair trade und sozial, ökologisch und ökonomisch gute Geschäftsmodelle


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Marketing Neglected and Underutilised Species for biodiversity-based ...
How can the private sector be engaged? Climate change is happening and, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, it is “extremely likely” (95% level of ...
Agrobiodiversity value chains, climate adaptation and nutrition
How can agricultural biodiversity be used to manage risks and empower the poor? Proceedings are now available from an International Conference held in Rome in April 2015 to launch ...
Sustainable Inclusive Value Chains
“Can we create fully sustainable and inclusive value chains?” This question was at the center of discussions at the Think and Drink networking event hosted by Endeva and adelphi ...
Linking agrobiodiversity value chains, climate adaptation and nutrition
Bioversity International kicks off a three-year project to improve climate change resilience, food and nutrition security and income generation with special focus on indigenous ...
Moringa oleifera – overcoming the challenges of marketing novel plant ...
Products derived from biodiversity offer sustainable and inclusive business opportunities for smallholders and rural populations in the countries of origin.[1] Commercialisation ...
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