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Students vs Food

Studenten Essensblog | Schön! Aber die Beschreibung ist ein wenig dünn. Bitte beschreiben Sie Ihren Blog etwas ausführlicher!


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Burger and potato wedges
Hi, so we havent posted anything for a while now. The reason is mainly because we actually dont really cook things that we havent already posted here. But a couple days ago we ...
Chinese Cabbage with Pork and Rice
Hey everybody! I just wanted to quickly share a yummy recipe with you before Im going out tonight. The amount I used was enough for two smaller servings or one reeeeeally ...
Best Chocolate Cake EVER
Hi folks! We wish you a happy happy new year! Hope you all arrived safely in 2015 and ate some nice, festive meals the past weeks ;) Holiday time surely is THE time to gain ...
Hey guys! Some days ago, I made some "Matsche-Patsche" which is a name that Demian gave to that dish. Its one of his favorites and I cooked that for us as Demian was sick ...
Häxle & Potato Bags & Fried Pumpkin
A good amount of diced Hokkaido pumpkin fried in butter with potato bags (filled with cream cheese) and mini Bavarian Häxle, right in time for the Oktoberfest ...
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