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On the agile path

It is not enough to change strategies, structures, and systems, unless the thinking that produced those strategies, structures, and systems also changes. (Peter M. Senge) - On (my) agile path I share my experiences to foster change, generate new insights and make our workplace a great one.


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Dynamic Team Setups – presented on the Manage Agile conference 2016
Jan Hegewald and me gave a presentation about dynamic team setups at this years Manage Agile  (#manageagile) conference in Berlin. Find below the presentation slides and summary ...
Insights from the Manage Agile 2016 in Berlin – Day 1
Today I joined my first manage agile conference in Berlin and would like to share with you some (sketch)notes  (I saw so many great sketchnotes today that I would not like to use ...
#NoEstimates meetup in Berlin – 07.12. – save the date
Just a quick info for all dear readers. Time to register for an upcoming meetup about #NoEstimates with Vasco Duarte, that we are going to host on the 07.12. in ...
Dynamic team setups presentation at Berlin Scrum Meetup
This week I had the opportunity to discuss the topic of dynamic team structures at the Berlin Scrum Meetup. Together with Jan Hegewald (Agil-gefuehrt) and Andreas Ulrich we first ...
Impressions from Agile Barcamp | Leipzig #agileipzig 2016
With this post I share my impressions from the awesome Agile Barcamp|Leipzig (#agileipzig) 2016. First of all, thanks for the perfect organization making it the best impressions ...
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