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On the agile path

It is not enough to change strategies, structures, and systems, unless the thinking that produced those strategies, structures, and systems also changes. (Peter M. Senge) - On (my) agile path I share my experiences to foster change, generate new insights and make our workplace a great one.


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Back on writing and charged with 50 upcoming posts
Back on blogging after a 15 months absence l’m now recharged with energy, happy to share my meaningful insights and to contribute again to our ever evolving and growing ...
Costs of Delay combined with How to measure anything – a presentation
Recently I gave a presentation about cost of delay combined with a teaser about how to measure anything and the effects of working on projects in parallel vs. sequential. I plan ...
Great team development workshop with Conrad Giller
  Great team development workshop with Conrad Giller Today I had the opportunity to join a workshop day with Conrad Giller regarding team development and would like to share ...
Cost of Delay – a key economic metric
During the last weeks I read quite a lot about portfolio management and proper ways to include economics in our decisions. With this post I summarize some of my key learnings so ...
Cost of Delay and how to find the best sequence for feature development
After reading Principles of Product Development Flow I started implementing a small tool to calculate a proper development sequence for features based on given cost of delay and ...
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