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89th Academy Awards - results
The Academy Awards are over and at least some of my predictions have turned out true: 16 of 24 correctly namedMy votes are the lines below in bold and the results in italic.Best ...
89th Academy Awards - predictions
Its just in time to post my predictions for this years Academy Awards.My votes are the lines below in bold.And here are the nominies for the 89th Academy Awards (source: ...
Whats left to say?
Yesterday I came home hungry, thanks to a very long meeting over the course of lunch and so we went out to shop for groceries right away.Well fed, we then got onto the couch ...
More books!
Yesterday after work I went out again to sell a boardgame we no longer play, but it was not as easy as it sound, especially when the meeting place was not uniquely specified. In ...
Keine Schwierigkeiten mit Entscheidungen heute.Gebackenes Schweins- oder Hühnerschnitzel mit Beilage nach Wahl
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