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feeling of music

This blog is about music, bands and the special feeling of music.


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Culcha Candela - Raffteich Open Air 2012
I know, I know, I know. Culcha Candela? But I really have to tell you about this show. I got there more by accident because one of my friends worked there and gave me free ...
Heavy Metal is not satanism
Dear Metalheads, this post is my personal concern, because Im still speechless about what some people understand under heavy metal and how people are treated, when they ...
The Sounds - Devils Side Festival 2012
I now really thought long and hard about what performance I want to write about next. It was not easy to make a decision. Then I decided to write about The Sounds.The Sounds like ...
Incubus - Hurricane 2011
First post and the question "Why I start with Incubus?". Its been a little over a year since Ive seen Incubus live at the Hurricane Festival 2011 in Germany, but I must say that ...
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