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Der Science Fiction Roman um Hacker, Computerspiele, Roboter, künstliche Intelligenz


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The GameW0rldz science fiction novel – English and German/Deutsch
The GameW0rldz science fiction novel is about a wild hunt of artificial intelligences through multiplayer game worlds continuing in the real world after they uploaded themselves ...
Blender Conference 2014 – Wake the superhero in you with the 3futurez ...
The Blender Conference 2014 in Amsterdam (#BCON14) was such a marvelous event with so many great talks, demos and exchange of thoughts. My talk at the Blender Conference 2014 ...
Xinxii asks Chuck Ian Gordon 10 Questions – author of the month October ...
Xinxii interviewed me as author of the month and asked me 10 questions. The original German version can be found on their ...
3futurez Holodeck Demo at Loncon 3 – Game Over – Game On
It was a great experience being at the 72nd World Science Fiction in London from August 14th to 18th 2014! ( ) So many crazy and unique people all ...
Sneak preview into the future at
From August 14th to August 18th 2014 the 72nd world science fiction convention will be held at London for the 3rd time ( . Gordon’s Arcade will be ...
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